Australia is a great place for wine lovers, the majority of Australian people are into wine. As a result, Australia has the biggest wine festival in Australia and also events. Sometimes the occasion is regional while others comprise a huge number of winemakers from different regions. The festivals are accessible to the public and even in you are not a great wine lover, there is always a place for everyone.

Whether you’re an expert or can’t tell the variance between a cab merlot or a shiraz, wine festivals are an ideal way to spend an afternoon. A lot are grouped by region, while others try to include a more popular variety of winemakers. Most emphasize food vendors and provide great ways to explore new vintages. There are a lot of great wine festivals in Australia that is highly recommended to wine lover or those just learning.

Top wine festivals in Australia that you should not miss

  • Game of Rhones

The finest winemaking establishments from different kingdoms of New Zealand, Australia, and further away will connect again in thirsty battle. The Game of Rhones is an epic celebration of the superb grape varieties of the Rhone Valley and it will return to Melbourne for the final battle. This event is a major event for the Australian people, the whole festival is a huge twist from the well-known series Game of Thrones. This is popular since it captivates over 40 winemakers. The people who attend are offered a chance to taste more than 100 brands of wine.

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  • Manly Food, Wine, and Sustainability Festival

The Manly Food, Wine, and Sustainability is a winter festival that happens at the end of May. That has been alluring wine lovers for more than 25 years. It comprises different winemakers and features local restaurants. There is no cost to attend the festival, yet to be part, you have to purchase tasting tokens and tasting glasses.

  • Sydney Cellar Door

Showcasing winemakers from Mudgee, Hunter Valley, Gundagai, Orange, and a variety of different regions. Sydney Cellar Door is an exciting summer wine festival with a lot of great tasting options. It has an awesome outdoor vibe that is hosted in Hyde Park which is an easy way to spend a few hours. It operates on a token system and there are many food stalls to explore. Once you purchase bottles from vendors, they will give back tokens you have used for your tasting.

  • Taste of Coogee

Taste of Coogee is a spring festival that combines all things food and wine with the casual beach culture Coogee can offer. It features local vendors and different winemakers from closeby regions. The vibe is chilled out and it’s free to explore. With the choice to buy a token and a tasting glass.

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