Many part of the world, entertainment is an essential element. For example, during 1930, in United States of America, Great Depression came. That was the bad situation for US and the whole economy was in a worst situation. People spent money only for their livelihood and they, just, did not think about any entertainment. That is, there is no money left for them to spend for entertainment.  At that point of time some entertainers, played cheap or free shows to the people which resulted millions of people get rid of their trouble for a while. This is the powerful act of entertainment.

For some people doing research and doing historical development or movement by writing poetry becomes good entertainment. They do this for the sack of passing their timing and not for earning. If they do such activities for their revenue then it cannot become entertainment as they tend to reply for some higher official. They do this history of literature for their own development or discovery of new things. If the findings are good and not copies from anyone’s then they submit the same for record purpose. These people predominantly work after office hours and holidays and devote their timings for useful to others. Other research developers will take this as their basic notes and develop their own findings. Historical development people serve like this.

Entertainment with Animals

Some people train their animals considering it their entertainment. They train household pets like dogs, cats. They use different types of training methods to animals depending upon what they should teach. The idea or purpose may differ like companionship, protection or entertainment. Some time, they learn how to train the animals from the trainers and apply the same to their pets. This is to show their perfectness and do it as proper way to the animals of various kinds.

All work and No Play make Jack a dull boy!

Further, doing as entertain in Sports. This is an essential part which will help even the country as a whole. In sports, you need to apply different technique and must be very sharp enough to learn things. Only then, the achievement is possible. There are many people to do this thinking that their entertainment. This is sharing their experience with you, which is very rare to get it. In every game, these trainers are called as coach. They learn about you first. They observe your performance and find out how to fine tune you to make things better. They try to retain your positive skills, and develop your other side where you need to show your improvement. After analyzing, they train you and take you to the high performance level. Once the level is attained, they feel relaxed and go to the next participant. Such people consider developing others are their basic job and enjoying it by doing this. They feel that they have done some service to the society by developing participants to the performance level. This applies to every game, be it running, Cricket, Chess, Carom, indoor or outdoor games.

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