From the ancient days, people have always found some orother way to keep away from all the miseries of life. This was done by communicating with each other in the form of gestures, or facial expressions that caught the attention of the other thereby giving them the chance to enjoy. This is called “Entertainment”. So, today I shall tell you the vast implications of entertainment in our life


In the ancient days, when there was no audio or visual method of expression, people went for camping in quiet places altogether. They spent some time with nature, expressing their enjoyment up to the heights they could. Gradually, they realized that their fellow mates began taking interest in the stories they told. This brought the art of “storytelling.”  Vast experiences from all across the world by very well-known people were recorded in the form of diaries, which when were later collected and published by the publishers;this gave to the rise of “storybooks.” Reading novels and short stories gradually became a great source of entertainment which is almost liked by everybody even today.

With the traditional and cultural development, “sports” became a new art of entertaining people. Some of the most common and interesting ones spread within such a short time, that people began participating more and more. Pole vaulting, highjumps, long jumps, archery were one of the most special games in the ancient days.

A very specialty of the city of Rome during the time of the Roman Empire was the fight of the gladiators with wild animals. Cruel fights even making people bleed to death was considered an important part of the entertainment. Later, all such practices were banned because it was a kind of humiliation. Operas were also a common source for the people of Rome.

Banquets had been a special venue for entertainment for a long time. Venues were the large spaces that were specially built for the purpose of a public gathering to find out some new fun. “Circus” by the use of animals was once a very common part. But with time, the abuse of animals and hurting their emotions was considered a crime and a ban was put to it.

As days went by, pop songs, discos, dances replaced the old entertainment and are very popular among the people. These days the cell phones have proved to be the best method of for the broadcasting of the shows in a very user-friendly manner.


Science and technology have made our life so happy. We never have to worry about how to spend our time. Had there been no entertainment, the world had stopped. We need to respect our culture and traditions in such a way that we always have the best option to enjoy with everyone.

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