Firstly, don’t assume you require a large visual screen in your media room. If you have a wider screen, video fatigue will detract from the theater experience. A right or a general rule for the size of a screen is to choose a width of a screen that is one third and half the distance between a viewing location and the distance from the screen.

Always keeps the viewing cone, created by the line going from eyes to every side of a screen too early thirty degrees. Regardless of any type of projector you use, including the Odyssey NR-90 projector, there must a disadvantage and advantage of every model depending on the projections.

Advantages of front projection

A front projection set can produce the most dynamic and the largest picture. With the combination if a good screen and a reliable projector, the image can be very attractive especially while watching a native HDTV content. Actually, before you make any decision, you should first see a picture produced with a front projection.

Disadvantages of a front projection

You have acquired an ambiance light control. In order to get a good image, you will have to control the ambient light so that you can achieve a good image since the front projection system is unable to produce black. Also, must depend on light absence which is being reflected from a screen to show dark or black color.

Challenges of outdoors projection

Putting the projector outside regardless of how it is adverting, it comes with various challenges. The following are some of these challenges:

The projector’s brightness

The time you intend to use your projector is very important. This is can make you come up with a solution. Since the daylight can be very bright, a projected image cannot be seen and it is can be just a waste of time to invest in the hardware of the projector. Another alternative is to look for higher lumens projector and Odyssey VX -9 cinemas is a good example of this solution.

Occasional or Frequent use

This is another considering factor. If you intend to throw outdoor movie events throughout the summer continuously, then you should invest on a hardware solution, otherwise, if it just an occasional use, you should rethink before you set up the projector on your backyard.

Considering Weather conditions

Whether you intend to install a temporary or permanent solution, whereby every moment you want use the outdoor movie, don’t have to set up the all the hardware outside, when your done watching your movie. A temporary solution does not require a special solution if related to the permanent solution.

A weatherproof exposure can be the perfect solution. On the special cases, you must ensure that the hardware is safeguarded from a bad weather at all cost regardless of where the solution can be seen.

Similarly to other things, the projector can come down to a budget. Other individuals can go with 9 yards to modify their backyard, including their hot tub, home theater room etc.

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