Just admit it. You already streamed movies online and have done it a lot of times already because you missed watching your favorite movie because it is not shown in your cable television anymore or you missed watching the latest episode of your favorite television show which is totally for free.

Is there something wrong to it? You have not downloaded anything coming from the site, and you are very certain that you are not sharing anything illegal from its content, well, this kind of situation is not totally black and white as you might have thought.

This is because piracy from online streaming sites is hurting the movie and television industry, and it has worsened as the internet gets faster as the day passes by, and those who partake to this kind of activity should think twice before they decide to download a movie.

According to the Global Piracy Insights Report in 2017, a lot of people visited piracy sites which ballooned to around 200-billion, excluding streaming movies online. This humongous figure includes illegal downloading and torrent sites.

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Despite the fact that a lot of people have been accessing movies and television shows totally for free for many years already, the way that they have been doing it has become very sophisticated recently, since other forms of piracy like DVD’s is already a thing of the past, and a lot of people focuses on downloading movies online which eased along by developments when it comes to internet access that is now designed to be high-speed.

To make you understand, it is legal to stream movies online as long as the streaming sites have valid permission from the copyright holder or the owner of the film, documentary, or television show and that should be released simultaneously with the releasing of the digital format or the DVD copy of the said film or television show or series and not ahead of it. You are considered doing illegal activity when you do not just stream it, but also you download it by accessing sites that do not have a license either have the copyright to stream movies for free.

This is because, there are legitimate streaming sites out there like cmovieshd hd that have legal access to the movies and television shows already, however, you have to avail of a paid subscription that can be as flexible for a monthly, quarterly, and annual fee in order for you to subscribe its full content.

According to experts, this does not also mean that the owners and the operators of these online movie streaming sites create this content available are following the law, and at least under such laws and regulations, they can be apprehended and prosecuted.

Besides the fact that downloading movies online from free streaming sites hurt the movie and television industry, your computer system is also exposed to harmful content such as viruses which is why you should hold yourself and avoid downloading movies especially in sites that you are not familiar of, instead, why not stream it? Besides you can watch the movie for free without risks involved right?