The film Dirty Hari has been a huge success because it is one of the modern erotic films that display eroticism and romance and touches upon the brief subject of momentary pleasures. The film Dirty Hari is an erotic film that touches upon subjects like extramarital affairs, infidelity, substance abuse, and psychological trauma. If you are looking for Telugu movies online that are fully packed with drama, action, romance, eroticism, psychological elements, and criminal perspective, you should watch the film, Dirty Hari.

This film has been based on a Hollywood psychological thriller Match Point which featured actors like Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Chris Wilton and Scarlett Johansson as Nola Rice. It is not an official remix because certain junctures are where the film differs from the Hollywood original. This film has been written and directed by M. S. Raju, and three producers produced this movie; Guduru Sai Puneeth, GuduruSateeshBabu, and Guduru Siva Rama.

The eroticism and sensualization of the film have been enhanced with the collaborative effort of the music and film artistry. The film’s cinematography was taken care of by M. N. Bal Reddy, and the renowned music director Mark K. Robin gave the sensualizing music in Dirty Hari. This Telugu film features actors like Shravan Reddy as Hari, Ruhani Sharma as Vasudha, Simrat Kaur as Jasmine, Surekha Vani, and Ajay. It would help if you watched similar New movies online on AHA.

The film is centered on the protagonist Hari who is a very ambitious man. She wants to attain success in terms of wealth and respected status in society. Hari can go to any lengths to achieve what he wants, and he often commits erroneous acts without feeling any guilt. He is often lucky because he does not face the consequences of his misdeeds, and he also comes across Vasudha, a beautiful and loyal woman who falls in love with him. The story depicts the intense love between Hari and Vasudha, and they eventually get married, and Hari is also seen as a happy man in his married life.

But the overtone of the story changes when Hari gets introduced to Jasmine, the girlfriend of his friend Aakash. The character of Jasmine is in direct contrast to that of Vasudha. Vasudha is a dignified woman, wears ethnic dresses that do not reveal skin, loves Hari very deeply, and does charity. In short, she is a typical good housewife who is very devoted to her husband. On the other hand, Jasmine is trying her career in acting, but she is unable to do so. She is very bold, wears revealing clothes, indulges in substance abuse and smoking, and uses much slang in the movie. Her bold nature is what seduces Hari and takes him to the wrong path.

It would help if you watched this to see how an external affair can lead to a crime of passion. If you are willing to watch the Dirty Hari movie online, you should download the best OTT platform for Telugu films today!

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