Tollywood took a giant leap of popularity in recent years. Telugu film industry is one of the most loved film industries in the south and increasing its influence in the north. They have a huge fan base across the country, and the industry also holds the Guinness World Record for the most significant film production in the World. South people especially love Tollywood, and they appreciate the effort of actors and crew. Many movies are dubbed in Hindi so that north people can enjoy them too, and it turned out they also love to watch Tollywood movies online. Tollywood always comes up with something new and never fails to match our expectations. They have remarkable creativity in every genre and always come up with some different story and plot. You can see natural latent and relating stories in Tollywood. If you are sitting with your family and looking for something to watch, then Tollywood movies could be the best choice for you. Nowadays, Tollywood movies are dubbed in many languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Oriya, etc., as their demand has increased across the country. S.S Rajamouli, SekharKammula is some Tollywood directors who are well known for their works. When we talk about actors, Tollywood has extraordinary talents as Mahesh Babu, Prabhas, Allu Arjun, and more.

Forensic is a crime thriller Tollywood movie directed by Akhil Paul and Anas Khan. If you love to watch movies online and look for some bewildering thriller, this movie is the one for you. Forensic is a new Telugu crime thriller movie available to watch online. This movie revolves around a murder investigation and has some unexpected plot twists. Forensic is a highly engaging movie, and if you love to play a guessing game, this could be just the thing for you. One of the best Telugu movies you will find online with exciting mystery and drama. Forensic will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the movie as it requires strength of imagination. A pair of the officer investigating the serial killing of little girls with time ticking as more children dies every passing day. Whenever you think you got the movie, you will find a new twist and keep on guessing who the murderer is. Unanticipated turns and suspenseful drama make this movie an excellent crime thriller. Forensic has strong performance and powerful dialogues and a must-watch Telugu movie online. The movie doesn’t lose its grip until the end, showing a lot of research and detailing, highly appreciable.

The investigation starts with the murder of two little girls, which later involves the forensic team of Tovino Thomas as they suspected a serial killer. At a point, they reached a dead-end from where investigation seemed challenging, but some twist leads them further. Ultimately forensic team discovers breakthroughs and uncover shreds of evidence that lead to the killer. It gives you an unexpected end, does the job of a thriller exquisitely. Tovino Thomas played the role of police forensic personnel and gave an extraordinary performance. Mamta Mohandas played the role of investigation officer ACP Rithika Xavier and carried her role perfectly. Forensic is an overall compact crime thriller to watch.  You can watch forensic movie online on aha app.

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